Toomfath is a guy named Roman Madij from the Netherlands.

In the mid-nineties he started to create electronic music

with a good friend. In their home-studio they made some

nice music, but when they both started a different career

the creating of electronic music was finished.

Now, years later, Roman picked up their creations

and started his own project by the name of Toomfath.

The main reason is to have fun and create music for

everyone who likes to listen (or dance) to electronic music.

His main influences are artist such as the Orb, Bent, Filla Brazillia and the genres such like electro, funk, house, ambient and soul.

He uses different kinds of instruments, software and samples to create the music of Toomfath.

Now and then he builds a mix or a remix, but that's not the main thing.

In a world with a lot of electronic music, it's up-to Toomfath to create some nice, fresh tunes with a Toomfath-twist.

Go on..listen, enjoy and have fun!

And if you like to get in touch with Toomfath, just write him! some music...

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